Saturday, 28 May 2011

No 94

Well I did say in the last post there will be a few changes to the blog over the coming weeks. I wasn’t initially planning quite so many or anything quite as drastic but after much (very little in all honesty) deliberation I have decided to finish this blog and post here no more………..

Rather final eh, well no, it’s not really, let me explain.

For a while now I have been thinking of starting a new section in the blog dedicated to a particular thing (cryptic isn’t it) this then developed to me thinking about starting a completely new blog, for the same purpose. In turn, this thought (it can get confusing in my mind believe me lol) developed into starting 2 new blogs, hence where I am at now.

“What are these new blogs and why are you doing it” you must be thinking (what, not even curious?)

Well, the first (although second in relation to me thinking about a new blog/s) will be pretty much a natural progression from this one, a similarly themed blog full of nonsense, pointless ramblings, some occasional humour and maybe just maybe something of interest to someone out there.

The second, well, that will be a specifically themed blog, dedicated to one topic, a rather niche topic that certainly won’t appeal to everyone, unless out of curiosity of course.

As for why I have decided to start 2 new blogs, one of them (the niche one) really needs its own; it would be far too confusing for me (and you) to incorporate it into this one, less fun too :-)

The other one, well after not blogging regularly for a long while then returning to it recently I fancied a change and a thorough revamp so what better way than to start afresh, twice lol.

So I will say goodbye from this blog and maybe see you at the new one(s)